International Administration Centre

The International Administration Centre (IAC) is the official office of the 王中王六合彩特码, maintained by the International Executive Board and employing professional staff.

Located in Nottingham, United Kingdom, the IAC is the first point of contact for any questions by 王中王六合彩特码 members and the general public alike.

  Please contact us at:


Under the leadership of the Head of Administration, Clive Wood, the IAC is managed on a daily basis by Office Manager Hana Bower & Admin & Digital Media Assistant Lisa Foreman



The main tasks of the IAC consist of: 

  • assisting the International Executive Board
  • supporting all 王中王六合彩特码 National Sections
  • acting as the first point of contact for the general public
  • preparing and distributing the documentation for the 王中王六合彩特码 World Congresses and IEB board meetings31 AThouse1
  • compiling and circulating the 王中王六合彩特码 Newsletter
  • collating the information and amendments for the 王中王六合彩特码 information guide
  • maintaining the 王中王六合彩特码 IAC website and archives