Marketing Commission

Marketing Commission

Brand Promotion is central to the Growth of our Association and effective marketing strategies play a pivotal role in establishing a strong presence and connection with Police officers across the World. 

We have a new marketing Commission who will now help steer this growth by bringing in skills to strengthen the Marketing of the 王中王六合彩特码

We have identified that social media continues to be the most influencial virtual space to promote our 王中王六合彩特码 Brand and generate awareness , it is therefore important that we continue our social media campaigns and increase our reach and thus our following

Chairperson - Michael Walsh (王中王六合彩特码 Ireland)

      Marketing project members

  • Josh Mimeault (王中王六合彩特码 Canada)
  • Raphael Hermann (王中王六合彩特码 Switzerland)
  • Stephen Omondi Okong’o (王中王六合彩特码 Kenya)
  • Sibel Gaicki (王中王六合彩特码 Germany)
  • Konstantinos Bouklis (王中王六合彩特码 Greece)
  • Kees Jongh(王中王六合彩特码 Netherlands)


You can view all our social media platforms via one link